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Biographie Parts to clean in the Shark apex uplight vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the house is extremely convenient and straightforward. You will not spend too much time cleaning all areas of your home. If you own a Shark apex uplight vacuum, that task is even more explicit.

However, frequent use of the machine and no methods of cleaning the internal parts of the device will cause the quality of the product to decline. So, we will guide you on the factors that need cleaning the shark Apex uplight vacuum cleaner in the article below.

Parts to clean Shark apex uplight vacuum cleaner

The following parts are all tools that come into direct contact with dirt and bacteria. Therefore, they need to be cleaned regularly to ensure long-term quality. Specifically:

Dust box

The dust box is the place where all the dirt and bacteria in your house are stored. If you do not clean this part, you will not use the vacuum cleaner next time.

Therefore, regularly check the back of the box after each use. Cleaning is usually effortless. You just need to pull gently, the lid of the case will automatically open. Then, rinse with water to prepare for the next cleaning.

  • The suction heads of the machine

Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean has 2 different types of nozzles. One type is a regular vacuum to pick up food crumbs or hair from the floor. Another form is a lift-away nozzle to clean up high places.

These tools are also in direct contact with indoor dust. Long-term use will cause dirt to get stuck inside the straw. From there, objects will clog, and the cleaning performance of the machine will be significantly reduced.

So, you should do a thorough inspection inside the nozzles because this area is relatively narrow in size. You can clean by hand, with cleaning tools. Once done, check with the flash to see if any debris is still stuck.

  • HEPA filters

After vacuuming all the dirt in the house, the pathogenic bacteria will transfer to the filter and automatically kill it. HEPA filters help you improve the air to become more relaxed. However, if the filter collects too many bacteria, they will lose their main effect, and the vacuum cleaner's quality will decrease.

Therefore, you should regularly clean the filter included in the machine to increase the ability to kill allergenic bacteria in the air. Even if you have used the filter for too long, find a way to replace it because the quality of the filter is no longer the same. Shark has a warranty of up to 5 years, so you can directly go to the company for instructions.

  • Brush roll

In addition to dirt and bacteria, there can also be hair or fur on the floor for pet owners. Although the brush roll can shred those objects to make the suction process smoother, they will get stuck inside the roller head if the follicles are too long.

If you do not remove the hair from the roller head, the machine may not work. In addition, the inches will also make the device unable to move easily, hindering the cleaning work. You need to cut the tangled parts and pull them out of the machine. Then the machine will continue to use as usual.


To keep the Shark apex uplight vacuum cleaner longer, clean the vacuum cleaner regularly. The parts that come into direct contact with dirt are the dirtiest places of the vacuum cleaner. Make sure you clean those areas so that the vacuum cleaner has a longer life.


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